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A Holistic and You-Focused Approach to Health and Wellness

We don’t give our amazing bodies enough credit for what they do for us—and what they can do—with the right fuel.  


Health issues arise when your body’s foundations become unbalanced. To support this, consider that half of all American adults have one or more preventable chronic diseases, many of which are brought on by poor eating patterns, low-quality food, and physical inactivity.


Nutritional Therapy Services

In response to this, I use nutritional therapy—a foundational, holistic approach—that focuses on the importance of properly prepared, nutrient-dense, and whole foods paired with a well-balanced lifestyle.  


There are five foundations of health in nutritional therapy, a science-based and natural approach to health and wellness. These include:

  • Digestion

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Hydration

  • Mineral needs

  • Essential fatty acids


Our bodies have the innate intelligence and incredible capacity to restore, regenerate and balance themselves when given the right tools and nutrients. Inspiring Spoons can give your body a nudge in the right direction so you can heal, recover and function again.


Initial Consultation—$85 (60 Minutes)

I aim to understand and address underlying issues. In other words, we treat the person first, not the health issue. To get started with nutritional therapy services, I begin with an initial 60-minute consultation to discuss your goals and health concerns. The information that helps guide this consultation begins with your health background and responses to our nutritional assessment questionnaire.


During our session, we take action in other ways, too. I use a form of muscle testing—also known as Morphogenic Field Technique “MFT”—to ask your body ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. The results of this test help determine how we can get your body back to a balanced state.


What works for one person might not work for another. Muscle testing is a great way to get specific information about your body’s needs and wants. I use this as the basis of your nutritional therapy program moving forward.


Initial appointments will also include muscle testing of the primary foundations, including digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, minerals, and essential fatty acids, as well as the next steps in balancing these foundations.


Follow-Up Appointments—$45 (30 Minutes)

Following your initial consultation, you’ll leave with a clear plan of action based on the results of your muscle testing. In follow-up appointments, I will review progress, re-test your body, and update protocols accordingly.


Every session is productive, so you’re consistently gaining momentum, learning about your body, and inching closer to your short-and long-term goals.


To start an initial discussion, you can email me at

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