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Finding the Right Food and Balance for Your Body

I’ve always been excited about food! Growing up in a family of excellent cooks, I treasure the memories of cooking with my grandma and mom. As I look back at the love they poured into every dish, these experiences continue to inspire me in the kitchen and influence my role as a nutritional therapist.

I share this passion for food daily as I help clients make better and healthy food choices for their bodies. Many of us have grown accustomed to food as entertainment or processed foods that cause damage and harm to our bodies we don’t often see until something goes wrong.


My job is to help you identify the foods that don’t align with your body and find the ones that do. Food choices that nourish your mind and body and make you look and feel good inside and out.


Like any good health journey, getting to this place—to help myself and my clients--didn’t come without strife or lessons.


Eight years ago, I didn’t feel very well. I had constant headaches and consistent weight gain and was exhausted despite how much I slept. To make matters more confusing, my doctor said my numbers looked good, and nothing was wrong with me.

I knew I couldn’t continue feeling that way, so I started tuning into my body to identify food-related triggers. With many stops along the way, I finally found principles and practices that worked through the Nutritional Therapy Association program. I soon found in applying these methods, I was getting results, which became the basis for my practice today and in my work with clients.

As a nutritional therapy practitioner, I get to pass along the tips, tricks, and valuable insights I gleaned through trial and error and my issues with illness. As I can relate to my clients, I don’t leave any stone unturned in trying to figure out the right balance for your body.

If you aren’t getting answers or growing tired of not getting results, I can offer a fresh perspective and a path forward. We will review your goals and concerns through an initial consultation and discuss your specific health issues plan.

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